Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kickstarting a vision

My friend Daniel senses a calling from God. Not to be a youth pastor or a missionary or a relief worker. He's called to make music that helps open people's eyes to God in a new way. Music that helps non-Christians rethink their assumptions about Christ, and music that makes challenges Christians to put their faith into meaningful action.

I had no idea that fulfilling this vision costs money. I thought CD's just showed up in the store by themselves, that record companies were just lining up to give people money to make music (well, not really, but you get my point). For my friend to record a CD and get it out to people costs over $7000 up front, and there are not many 25-year-olds who have that laying around.

So he's set up a site where you can see and hear his vision and help kickstart what God is doing in and through him. He's halfway toward his goal, and I wouldn't be writing about it here if I didn't believe in both his vision and his music; his first album was excellent. Take three minutes and go to his kickstarter page and watch his video explaining what he’s doing, and then consider helping him move forward in this vision.

click here to go to Daniel's kickstarter!