Monday, August 06, 2007

You Run the Risk of Weeping if you Let Yourself Be Tamed

(this post did not, in fact, post, on Friday, so I am retrying; I'm feeling better today)

The heading is a line from “The Little Prince,” and describes the cost involved in loving deeply. In the book, the prince meets a fox on another planet, and eventually they become friends. The fox begins to cry when the prince has to leave, and when the prince tells him not to be sad, the fox replies, “One runs the risk of weeping when he lets himself be tamed.”

The GUPY students left yesterday, and I’ve been crying intermittently since Monday (when we left Mexico City). I have really loved these student and given them my heart (and they have done the same), and now it’s just too quiet here at the house without them coming in and out. Right now I don’t want to have GUPY 2008 because I don’t want to feel this sadness again next year. But I know that in time, the sadness will pass and what will remain will be the memories of how God used our 6 weeks in mighty ways, both in Greensboro and in the students.

For now, driving around town reminds me of all that we did together, and I wish that the students were still here with us, learning and growing, laughing and loving, being stretched by God to live out His word in faithful ways.

While tears are no fun (and having them come at random times, such as while taking out the garbage or walking into Harris Teeter, is inconvenient), they are a sign that I was tamed this summer, making 10 new friends and being a small part of God’s bigger work in the world. It is small price to pay, and there will one day be much celebration of the ways God continued to use GUPY 2007 long after this summer.

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Elana said...

marsh, is your tshirt tucked in in that picture? ha... just curious... I just caught up on your last few entries and wanted to say hi!!! I can't believe its been a year since i left GUPY.

I felt some of those same feelings leaving Korea last month and God just kept telling me "What if you never even went to Korea/orphanage/church sad would that have been!!?" Part of me is kinda jealous that you're tearing up at Harris Teeter about your new guppies...haha. But you're right, it'll be SO cool to see all the crazy things God does with Gupy 07 a while from now, just as He's done with Joe, Kristen, Ashleigh, and me in only a year. Give a hug to Diane and the girls for me :)