Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What's your name?

In my talk at Virginia Tech, I told students that just as God renamed Jacob, from Grabber (his name means "he grabs the heel") to God-Grabber ("he who wrestles with God"), He also wants to rename us. God gives us general names that are true for all Christians (Accepted, Beloved, Free, Son) and also, I believe, a specific name just for us. My name is Chosen (changed from Shame), and Diane has been given the name Fearless. Another friend of mine has been given the name Peace in place of the name Unwanted. So I wondered if any of you faithful readers might want to share if God has given you a new name as a reminder of His work in your life?


Katie said...

hey Marshall!
mine is Precious from unloved...
Katie von P.

Nan said...

Hi Marshall. I have been processing this post for a while now. I would like introduce you to the "new Nan" whose name was lonely, and is being changed to friend. I can't wait for the name change to become "legal."