Tuesday, May 08, 2012

If you made $100,000 per year….

And you gave 30% away, you would still have $67,000 to live on. That could fund:

$1000/month mortgage

$400/month utilities

$100/month cell phone

$700/month groceries

$400/month for two car payments

$500/month for gasoline and insurance

$500/month retirement

$200/month “fun money”

$200/month college savings

$100/month clothes

And STILL have $1400 left per month to determine where to spend. You could theoretically have all of the above and give over 40% of your money away.

If you made $50,000 and drove cars that were paid for, cut your mortgage, retirement, fun money, clothes money, and grocery bill by $1200/month total, you could still give 30% away and have all you need (and more).

And yet Americans struggle to give even 10% away. Lord have mercy on us for dreaming the wrong dreams.

(And I know I’m not taking into account taxes and health insurance and stuff like that. I’m just saying we could be way more generous).

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