Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The power of consistency

"I bet you didn't think about me during break," said Princess to her tutor this week. Several times. Her tutor, John, is one of our adult volunteers at our church. He said himself that he would be an unlikely candidate to be a tutor, especially to be paired with one of our hardest fifth grade girls. But John decided to open himself to God's leading, step into an uncomfortable place, and see how he might be used. He is a quiet, unassuming man, and runs an extremely successful business here. Princess is loud, angry, and has had a fairly unstable life. Put them together and you have... two changed hearts.

Each time that Princess told John that he didn't think of her, he assured her that yes, he had thought of her often during break, and she proceeded to work hard, focused on her work. This is not the norm for her, and I think the fact that John came back this semester, willing to work with her and love her, spoke volumes to her heart. Here is a man, a good man, who came back again and who didn't forget her. A picture to Princess, and to me and John, of the loving God who finds us just as we are, loves us, and doesn't forget about us.


Anonymous said...

Um, he did such a superb job with Princess. I was sitting there working with Lesli, and I could hear them and I was so impressed and excited. I love more adults being able to come to tutoring. See ya tomorrow!

Emily Jackson

Rachel said...

these 2 posts were super encouraging, marsh. thx for sharing!

Emily said...

Great post. I really enjoy your blog and it's often very encouraging and challenging (in the good way) to me. Thanks for consistently and honestly sharing your musings, struggles, and joys.

Emily Garrett