Thursday, February 07, 2008

Hide and seek

Remember John and Princess from my last post? Today I heard another story about them. One of my co-directors noticed that Princess has been hiding from John on Mondays, and ordinarily my reaction to kids running off and hiding would be to scold them. But Regina pointed out that Princess is hiding because she wants John to come and find her. She is testing whether he remembers her, whether he is for real, and each time she hides, he goes and finds her and they get to work.

Isn't that the way we are with God sometimes? We don't really believe His love is as deep and pursuing as He says it is (remember how Princess said to John, "I bet you didn't think about me over the break"?). So we hide, wondering if He will come find us, wondering if He remembers. And He always does. Sometimes His remembering comes in the form of conviction. Other times it comes with gentle grace. But He always remembers. How can He forget? We are engraved on the palms of His hands.


√úberjoy: said...

how true, brings tears to my eyes not only for Princess but for me.

Ashleigh said...

Princess was one of the kids I heard a bit about but never really knew, so it's neat to get a story about her. It is beautiful to see ya'll literally being Jesus's hands and feet, living the power of the Gospel in a way that Princess so desperately needs.

Father, I pray Princess would continue to be sought and found by John. And I pray she would let herself be found and loved by you. May your kingdom come in Glenwood and all Greensboro.