Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Carpet? We don't need no stinking carpet!

Greensboro was hit by a torrential downpour this evening (flooding, cars stranded), and so I called home to check in with Diane and she said, “There’s water in the basement,” which was an understatement. Water had flooded several inches deep in our garage and come under the door, and all the carpet was soaked (over 700 square feet). My trusted advisor Nick Loflin didn’t think it was salvageable (I think he was right), and so we proceeded to rip out the carpet and padding, assisted by neighbors Randy Lewkowicz and Gene Brown, as Suzanne and Diane shop-vacced the cement beneath.

In the end, we are thinking of varnishing the cement floor and putting down some area rugs (it’s the hip thing to do now), and maybe this will be a blessing in disguise, Extreme Flood Makeover. The chance to see the love of our friends and neighbors in action (as Nick did not leave until 10:30 p.m.) was such a blessing for us, too.

It was also neat to uncover a cement patch in which Diane and I and the Lewkowic'z’s had put our initials back in 2003. Great memories of good friends helping us live the dream here in Glenwood, sharing our home with us for about 3 years. All in all, if you had to have flooding, this turned out as well as it could.

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