Monday, June 01, 2009

Remaining in Christ sermon

This is the “teaser” I sent out to our church last week in advance of Sunday’s sermon. If you want to hear the message, click the link for Life in the Vine (teaser 2: my main sermon props were an artificial Christmas tree and a tomato plant).

“As I listen to the rain pour down this evening, I am smiling. My gardens are getting exactly what they need, and soon, I'm going to see some veggies forming on the vine. I love watching as week by week, the plants do their thing, growing taller and greener. The fruit simply comes as a product of the plant staying rooted and bearing what it was created to bear.

“Do you believe that bearing fruit for Christ could possibly be as simple for us as bearing fruit is for my veggies? Join us this Sunday as we look at John 15:1-8 and talk about abiding in Christ and bearing fruit, maturing as His disciples.”

Click link for the podcast: Life in the Vine

Also, for further enjoyment and musical accompaniment to the sermon, download this awesome version of  Be Still My Soul, a hymn that speaks to God’s sufficiency (podcast is free, song costs 99 cents).

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Anne Smith said...

Loved Kalai's take on this hymn. Growing up in a traditional church, the old hymns touch me in a special way. I enjoy them performed in a contemporary style. Good message Sunday. Blessings, Anne