Sunday, January 29, 2006

Crossing Cultures in Sunday School

Due in part to our tutoring program and the Glenwood dance ministry through our church, we have a growing number of kids from our neighborhood coming to Sunday school each week. This is a great development, but now we are facing up to the reality that our Body is mostly a suburban white church with an urban, multi-cultural address. And so our worship, Sunday school, and programs are mostly missing the mark when it comes to relevance and impact for the kids in Glenwood. In large part, the culture gap must be bridged first through relationships, which take time to form (and our Sunday school hour does not give us enough of that time). I feel pretty lost in how to communicate well with the kids who are coming (except for the ones that I know well from tutoring), and would love any suggestions from alert readers. One thing we are doing is praying that God give the kids grace and a willingness to stick with us as we learn how to work well together and grow towards God together.

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katie said...

unfortunately this isn't actual advice, but a suggestion on how to get to carolyn ogrosky or percy -- they have kids coming from the innercity to their upper/middle class church in the suburbs. sounds very similar. they might have ideas.