Tuesday, January 17, 2006

No Lecture Here, Friend

This morning on the way home from walking Joe, I ran into one of our friends who is addicted to crack. I said hello and she said hello back, and then I walked towards her. She said (not in a mean way), "Why can't you just say good morning and wave; why do you have to walk over here and lecture me?" Interestingly, to that point I had only said good morning, and I never have lectured her. Yet I know that she thinks that God looks on her with a lecturing heart, and as a minister, I represent God to her. So I said, "I just wanted to tell you that we love you. That's all. Thought you might need to hear it today. Please let us know if you want help getting back home at any time." It's sad that the sick expect a lecture rather a word of healing love.


Alex said...

Interesting interaction, Marsh. Makes me think about the whole aroma of Christ thing--death to those who are perishing, life to those who know life. Does that 'rep' end up creating a new wall in terms of building trust and relationships?

Marshall said...

I guess that sometimes it creates a "wall" but I have mostly seen it create trust on some levels. African Americans tend to be even more culturally Christian across the board than white Americans, and so there is a fear of God present in them that lends itself to respect people in ministry. They may not agree with me or want to change, but they also sense that we are on their side. It has helped us some in terms of being the racial and even economic minority to have people know that we are here for God.

melissa said...

I'm glad that through your words she was able to hear that not only are you not mad at her, but that the Father has nothing but love for her. We truly have the opportunity to express the Father's heart to others, as well as be reminded of the Truth ourselves in our daily interactions. I'm glad that you were able to be a truthteller to this precious one the Lord loves. Know that these being His Words, they will not return void!