Sunday, January 29, 2006

This and That

American Idol in Greensboro: very interesting to see who turned out from our fair city, and I want to reitirate that the beligerant woman at the end was from CHARLOTTE! The one guy who identified himself as UNCG student did nothing to dispell the stereotypes that people have of the school. Question: Do the "bad" performers really think that they are good or are they just wanting to be on TV?

NFL prediction: I am going with my heart and picking the Steelers (even though I think Shawn Alexander and Matt Hasselback are swell guys). Plus, the Steelers have two Tar Heels playing prominant roles, Will Parker and Jeff Reed.

UNC B-ball update: The up-and-down Heels are up right now, although I wish that they had shot that well agains Boston College, since I was at that game and had excellent seats. When the Heels play together and play "D", they are a lot of fun to watch, win or lose. When they play like the ball is a piece of radioactive poop that they don't want to hold onto, it's not fun to watch.

TV Suggestion: If you've not given a look to "My Name Is Earl" and "The Office" (NBC, Thurs. @ 9:00 and 9:30), do yourself a favor and spend an hour with them. The Office is especially hilarious (especially if you like Christopher Guest films).

UNC B-ball update 2: In Sports Illustrated this week, one NBA scout rated Tyler Hansbrough as the fourth best college prospect for the upcoming draft. Tyler, don't believe the hype! You need to stay at least two more years to work on your mid-range jumper and going to the hole off the dribble. (But I will say that if he doesn't make first-team All-ACC, it will be a shame).


Sean said...

surely those 'bad' performers have to be put up to it, right? they have to be plants. they're just too bad...

miles said...

Hansbrough is not the good--yet. He's got the heart, but he's also very rough. If he's one of the top prospects, then that is a sad statement about what the NBA drain has done to the college game. I'll also be surprised if he does as well when he comes up against other good centers. I just don't think he's played against high quality opponents yet. I also think his scoring stats areinflated by being a good foul shooter, and the rest of the team being only streaky contributers on offence. It's inevitable that we'll score 60-80 points a game (basketball is just not a game of shutouts), and someone's got to score, so if Hansbrough scores twenty with 10 off free throws, I'm not impressed...yet.

Marshall said...

Miles, I know that I am a hopeless Heels fan, but still I am surprised by your so-so reaction to Hansbrough. Have you seen him play or are you just going by the stats? He is scoring with 3 guys draped on him, the whole D collapsing. Plus, who cares if he is scoring from the line or the field -- it counts the same, and with all the attention he is getting, he is doing the right thing by making contact. He has shown good athleticism (not NBA-like, ala Josh McRoberts), and the best thing is that he doesn't quit and he never gets angry at the refs or other players, despire getting beat to death. As for playing good big men, I think we've played a decent schedule and he has done fine. How he will do against Erci Williams and The Landlord remains to be seen.

Elizabeth said...

I love Hansbrough for many reasons, but primarily because
1. the way he carries himself (see Marshall's comments)
2. the way he works SO hard
3. he scores (who cares from where?) when our team often has a really hard time scoring.
I will add that as the season progresses, I think he has been getting better at getting the basket to go down and getting the additional free throw, rather than missing the original shot and getting two shots at the line.

I realize that I kind of just repeated what Marshall said, but I had to speak up for Psycho-T!

I agree with Miles in that I don't think he's nearly NBA-ready, but relative to what the hard-working Tar Heels have this year, he's fabulous. I'm really looking forward to him having some help from some other big guys next year, (No offense to David Noel. I love him!) primarily 6'9" Brandan Wright.

P.S. I don't think people should be impressed with a big man based on his performance vs. Shelden Wms, or judge that he is necessarily NBA-ready from a big night against Duke. I'll admit that Shelden is a great shot-blocker, but lots of people have career scoring and/or rebounding nights against him. If we use that criteria, judging by Sean May's stats vs. Shelden, he'd have been ready to be the next Shaq or something. In my opinion, Shelden's defensive player of the year award belongs in the same category as the one Battier received for being a fabulous flopper-- products of the K promo machine.

Marshall said...

Elizabeth, you rock (and not just because you agree with me, but in this instance it made me realize it anew)! Thanks for sticking up for Psycho T and for making a great and much needed Battier-flopping comment -- one can never have too many of those!