Saturday, February 18, 2006

Lovin' my work

The past two weeks I have spent four days on campus with different staff, and I have really enjoyed those times. It's been a blessing to meet the students that they are shepherding, to see them leading Scripture studies and prayer meetings, to hear their heart for their campuses. This is the part of being a supervisor that I knew I would love. What a gift to have this job!


Alex said...

I just wanted to publicly post what I told Marsh in private over the phone the other night--that I knew he would be a great supervisor and his staff (and you know who you are) are lucky to have him.

Mike said...

I DO know who I am and I feel QUITE lucky ;)

Not only has Marsh given me juicy spiritual nuggets of joy, he has shown me the way of "The Office" (9:30 Thursday night's on NBC y'all)!