Tuesday, February 14, 2006

On the inside looking out

Last week a woman in our neighborhood who needed to go to rehab stayed at our house for a couple nights while our church worked to find her a recovery home. Diane was such a warm and gracious hostess (another reason why she is #1), and we enjoyed getting to know our friend better. Periodically she would go out on the porch to smoke, and each time she would come in and say, "Man it's so nice to be on the inside looking out. I'm usually out there on the street, outside looking in. I can't get over being on the inside looking out." That's such a simple thing that I take for granted, because for most of my life I am on the inside looking out. One of the ways to glorify Christ and help others to see Him is to invite others in, a change of perspective that gives hope that life can be different (we can also join others on the outside and feel their perspective).

Our friend showed up again tonight, confessing that she had left the group home and had smoked crack again, but that it didn't work for her this time, and she wanted to try one more time. Praise the Lord that they allowed her to come back, and I pray that they received her with love and forgiveness and did not shame her. I believe that she wants to get better, and I believe that she will with love and encouragement.

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Meredith Uber said...

Wow, you and Diane are what the image of what God looks like here on earth. I don't say that lightly. You are being his hands, his feet.
I pray that you will continue and not let fear step in. You gave your friend a glimpse of what a clean life could look like. Her visit inside your home may be what pushes her over the edge to eventually not turn back to drugs~