Thursday, February 02, 2006

Update on the razing of the shire (I mean Glenwood)

I went to the Glenwood neighborhood association meeting tonight, and some of my original fears were allayed. One reason is that the association has fought off similar expansion efforts in other parts of the neighborhood. Another is that a lot of the imminence of the danger depends on how my part of Glenwood is zoned. So I need to research whether we are currently zoned single-family or multi-use, and that will tell me where the fight might go next.


Macon said...

Yeah, I've been thinking about your previous post and it seems to me that if the first battle is for re-zoning, then if you want Glenwood to stay the way it is, you keep it from being re-zoned. I imagine that between your church, you, and the other resident homeowners, you might have quite a bit of clout.

On another level, you might also be one of the few people who could bridge between the university and Glenwood. Whether UNCG moves into Glenwood or not, they do need more space. It seems to me that part of Shalom is working towards the alleviation of everyone's legitimate needs. (Not that as agents of Shalom we are to be the solutions to all the needs, but that we are, at the very very least, not stumbling blocks keeping folks from the satisfaction of their needs.)

I also imagine that there are certain parts of UNCG who would be very interested in keeping the status-quo in Glenwood. I don't think they'd be in the real-estate-bying-apparatus (the Administration) of UNCG, but would be good advocates for you none-the-less.

Macon said...

Other things I wonder about in this situation:

Is anyone besides UNCG doing long-term planning for Glenwood?

Does the Glenwood community association have a long-term vision for Glenwood besides fighting-off UNCG?

Is there a way your church can help in the visioning for Glenwood? (If the church purchased other property in Glenwood, I imagine that they'd have even more clout with the city in terms of what happened in the 'wood.)

Are there resources available in the City/County/State for a long term impact study on what would happen if UNCG were to move into Glenwood? Are there other places in the country where a University has expanded to a Glenwood-type neighborhood and it's been a blessing to the neighborhood?

ps: this is what happens when I read your post immediately after my first cup of coffee. All synapses are firing and things just tumble out.

pps: and, from my previous comment, it's actually "nonetheless," no hyphens. I don't know what I was thinking.