Saturday, March 04, 2006

I had a feeling about this one

The amazing Heels did it again, taking down the dreaded Dook Blue Devils tonight. The Walker Dome was rocking as we watched, punctuated by a Benbow lap around the living room following a Byron Sanders layup as I screamed, "Quentin fed the Colonel! Quentin fed the Colonel!" We are peaking at the right time, and this has been the most fun UNC season I can remember. For more Duke-hatin' fun, check this link out.

(There are satires of UNC and State on there, too).

Got to give a shout-out to Miles - are you convinced that Tyler is the real deal now?

The win is all-the-more-special when you realize that a Duke student named Pearce and his posse had been waiting in line for this one outside Cameron since DECEMBER 21, 2005!!!

I am kind of expecting an ACC Tourney let-down, but am also looking for a possible #3 seed in the NCAA's.

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melissa said...

It was a great game, even having to be seen on mute! I thought before the game, "I really think they might win." But of course the nervousness always sets in for me, that somehow they won't be able to pull it off. But they did great! They wanted that game so much, and they got it! It's been so fun to see such a young team that is willing to work so hard together, and get the job done! We're pround of the boys!