Tuesday, March 14, 2006

March Madness

OK, here we go, my bold predictions for the tournament. Against all hope, I have Duke making the Final Four, with the 2 seed in their region being a team they beat by 30 points this year. (I can’t believe that Jay Bilas said they had the hardest bracket – oh, wait, did he go to Duke? Yes, he did.) My secret sleeper to knock them off – the mighty Hawkeyes of Iowa (yeah, Sean Meade).

They will be joined by Memphis, Boston College, and UConn. I have UConn beating the Heels in the Elite Eight, which is as far as my heart could carry my boys this year (but I seriously think that they could lose at any time, even in the first round, and especially in the second round to Michigan State. I also seriously think they could make a run and give UConn a good fight). For a great article on why I think the Heels kind of got a bad deal in this bracket, check this out. They have #'s to back their point up.

UConn will beat Duke in the championship game, saving all Tar Heels fans from the misery of relinquishing our crown to the Blue Devils, just like Arkansas did in 1994 (thank you Scotty Thurmond).

And the Lady Heels will cut the nets down for the Women's Title, just like in 1994.


Sean said...

you truly have great taste in basketball teams! ;-)

my brother picked Iowa to beat Duke in my pool. he is awesome!

you're making me seriously rethink my pick of UNC to the final game...

Macon said...

I, however, picked Duke all the way.

You're shocked. I know.

It's this kind of out-of-the-box thinking that's going to make me famous one day.


Anytime now.


Marshall said...

Macon, you are famous already - I mean, you are related to the one and only Morgan of the Despair Demotivator Videos, AND your son has some awesome music videos posted online, too.

Marshall said...

Sean - go with your instinct. I am merely protecting myself from disapppointment (it's safer than letting my heart be dashed on the hardwood).