Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Reconciliation at the ACC Tourney

I was given a ticket to see the Duke-Boston College game on Sunday, and so took one of the boys from the neighborhood to his first college basketball game (not a bad first game, eh?). The place was full of Duke fans, and none of them gave me a hard time about my wearing my 2005 National Champions shirt. Luckily I sat beside this sweet lady whose four kids had gone to Duke, and she was precious! She was nervous the whole game, and we had a great time talking. I even sort of wanted Duke to win for her (except that I can’t stand Duke and can’t imagine wanting them to win ever). We ended up hugging before we left at the end of the game (!), and I feel like I made new friend. Thankfully, I was only obnoxious one time, when I felt like Reddick flopped to draw a charge (YES, I am serious, he DID), and the withering looks I received from the Duke fans in front of me put me in my place.


cory cavin said...

But I bet those looks felt good and it was a little bit worth it.

Macon said...

I'm shocked, shocked! that anyone would ever try to "draw" a foul.

Leave it to them Duke boys, though, to use their heads and figure out a new way to gain an advantage.

Think it will catch on?


Marshall said...

Duke INVENTED flopping - anyone remember Danny Meghar? The thing that makes me crazy is that many try, but Duke often succeeds in drawing them. Just don't breath on Reddick and you will be fine. :)