Thursday, April 27, 2006

All I needed to say in prayer I learned in pre-school

This year at pre-school, Eliza has learned the classic blessing passed down from snack table to snack table throughout the ages – “God is Great.” Since she is always eager to pray that one at supper time, it has become our staple family prayer, and I have been struck at how deep and accurate a prayer it is.

“God is great.” There is none like Him, and there is nothing He cannot do. His power is immeasurable.

“God is good.” His character is love. He delights in His children and His creation. He sends rain to the fields of the wicked and the upright alike. We owe all to Him and He lavishes good things on us.

“Let us thank Him for our food.” We are about to eat a meal together. He gave us the money to buy it. He made the food grow. We will be full at the end of this time. It is only right to give thanks.

“Amen.” You can say that again.

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Sean said...

when i lead children's worship once a month, i close with 'Jesus Loves Me' and ask the kids if they know that that's the most important thing a kid, or a person, can know.