Saturday, April 22, 2006

Stuff-ed Part Three

As I have continued to think about my thirst for “stuff”, I am realizing that I am a consume-er on many levels, and eating is one of them. I eat my meals with lightning speed, especially if it is something that I like. I used to say that I ate fast because of my young kids. Now I am seeing that I am trying to consume my food and enjoy it as quickly as possible, and on some level I am trying to fill a part of myself that is deeper than my tummy. I’ve noticed that I have been stopping more for drinks or candy bars when am out, and they never measure up to my hopes of how refreshing or good-tasting that they will be. I’ve noticed that I eat out of habit in the evenings, or even just eat as many good little things as strike my fancy.

I think that what it all boils down to is that there is nothing apart from Christ that will bring me life. There is nothing apart from Christ that will bring me joy. And as long as I seek to fill that need for life and joy with stuff or food or TV or work, I will come up empty. I believe that as I grow in knowing Christ as life, I will more enjoy the things that I eat or buy or do, because I am not counting on them to be more than they can ever be.

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