Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hackin' Away at Dennys 2

As I have thought more about the Ricky Manning situation, I’ve wondered why I reacted so strongly. Pro athletes cause trouble all the time, and I don’t usually get too worked up about it.

But this one seems more personal. This is not a “shots in the dark outside a club” incident. This is something that could happen to me or a friend of mine. I could be the guy at Denny’s working on my laptop. I could be the geek getting picked on.

Also inside me is the thought, “It’s not right for people to get bullied.” And so the incident plays into my desire to be safe and into the fears that maybe I never truly am, and it taps into my desire that life be fair and people be treated nice.

Things that make you go “Hmm.”


trying to be not stupid said...


Injustice. That's what's really eating at you in this story. The fact that someone will beat someone else up, just because they can. That fries me too.

Marshall said...

I think you're right on that one