Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bring It On

My good friend Alex had a post yesterday about the very serious trials of being a sleep-deprived parent asking, begging, God for a good night’s sleep, and that prayer going unanswered. In fact, it seems sometimes, that the little one sleeps less in respinse to those prayers!

If I were God, I would answer that prayer because I would be a fix-er God. Whenever one of my children got in a scrape, I would make it go away, snap!

But God is not a fix-er God. He is a redeeming, refining God who desires life for us more we desire it for ourselves.

And so after a very late night where Diane and I had a very intense and heated discussion, all we would like would be to have a day where the girls are compliant and quiet. Yet already before 8:30, Eliza has tried to clean her room with baby powder and tried to fill the ice cube tray with water while sitting on the rug by the sink, and Psalter has been screaming for about ½ of the time she has been awake. I get to go to work, and I just feel so bad and just want God to give my wife a break (in part because I love her and in part because I feel bad that I get to go to work and she has to stay and deal with the girls).

But God is not a fix-er. He is a redeeming, refining God who desires life for us more than we desire it for ourselves.

So He says, “No,” for now, and calls me to give Him my guilt and my fear of Diane resenting me for working, and He calls Diane to trust Him in the midst of frustration and fear that this day will be more than she can handle.

And so we depend on mercy and grace, mercy to cover sin and grace to empower us to embrace life in hard places.


Meredith Uber said...

I needed to hear that, see my post from yesterday, I need to remember to give the Lord my frustration and by doing that I can be refreshed even in the middle of night.

emmafree said...

a beautiful post of living real life. It is so good to be reminded that He knows better than I do.