Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Do yourself a favor

Now I now that everyone likes "24" and Jack Bauer (although I think that Jack Bristow would take him out in a heartbeat), and I know that every week all my friends go and get "Lost." But I am here to give you a summer viewing option that you need to check out.

Prison Break is an amazing show (I can't compare it to "24" and "Lost" since I don't watch them), and I can't believe people don't watch it. It's like an amazing movie that you don't want to end, and, at least for one season, it hasn't. The premise is that Michael Scofield gets himself put into prison to bust out his brother who is on death row for a murder he didn't commit. Michael doesn't come in without a plan - in fact he has the blueprints for the prison tattooed on his body. Every week you never know what will happen and his ingenuity rivals MacGyver, and you are almost always on the edge of your seat for the whole hour.

I am not sure if this season is out on DVD, but I know you can buy it on iTunes. If not to be entertained, someone please do this for me and Diane so that we can have people to talk about the show with!


miles said...

Brooklynne and I watched the first two episodes of Prison Break and we loved it, but when we cancelled our cable last fall, we didn't get it anymore. Itunes is tempting, but it's twice as expensive as renting the DVDs, so we'll probably watch the season when it's out for rent.

Not to be on the bandwagon, but Lost is excellent too, and I know you would like it. We rented the first season last fall, after the 2nd season began, so we've been avoiding the show because we were scared we would ruin the earlier episodes if we started watching the 2nd season in the middle. Now we're waiting patiently for the 2nd season to come out on DVD so we can rush to watch it before the 3rd season begins.

Kevin Sasser said...

Prison Break might be one of the best shows ever created. I watch it every Monday night. I don't know why other's haven't gotten hooked.