Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wish You Were Here, the People are Beautiful

Hello everyone! Rockbridge has kindly put high-spped internet access into the staff quarters, and so I can update briefly on the ol’ blog. I wish that you all could be here to see how God uses our ministry in the lives of students – it is such an exciting time! On the first night of worship, for instance, we sang a song in Mohawk (Native American), Spanish, and in a South African language, in addition to English songs. Where else would students be exposed to praising God in so many ways? There are students learning how to study the Word and in the process, hearing God’s heart for reconciliation. There are students learning how to share the Gospel, and in the process hearing the Good News for themselves. Students are learning to lead their peers in studying the Bible and leading their peers to love God and serve Him more. It is an amazing time. There are students from Bulgaria, Lebanon, and Mexico here. There are white, black, Asian and Hispanic students (though we are still predominantly white). And the Lord is being glorified. I love being a part of this ministry and this staff team! Plus, my precious wife and daughters are here, which is so fun! Not a very pithy post, but one from the heart.

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Macon said...

thanks for the update!

high-speed! Sure, they add it the year I'm not there.

I see how it is.