Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Wonderful Celebration

On Tuesday night we had a pizza party celebrating the year in tutoring. This was the first time that we had done this, and we had over 100 people come between kids, parents, siblings, cousins, and tutors! A Grace high school small group served the pizza for us and cleaned up, we had videos from Sunday school and tutoring to show, and gave the kids the chance to talk on the mic about what they enjoyed in tutoring.

It was one of the happiest moments of ministry in Glenwood that I have ever had. There was just something wonderful about the families of the kids all being there, about the tutors getting to meet moms and dads and grandmas. There was something special about a small group of high schoolers from our church serving behind the scenes, the high school pastor and his wife and family serving as well. Diane and the girls got to come and eat dinner with a family from next door. Some of our neighbors from church came to help meet and greet.

And the event was smooth. It was happy, celebratory, fun, and it went off without a hitch. This is what ministry as a team, a church, and a family is about, and I just loved it. Praise God for a wonderful year.

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Alex said...

So glad for you to have a sweet finish to your year, Marsh! It always seems that the Lord gives us refreshment and a glimpse of what he's up to often enough to keep us moving in the right direction. Thanks for enjoying your work in Glenwood and for celebrating that here with us.