Friday, May 12, 2006

The Good News is Always Good

Week one of camp is over, and I think that we had an excellent track. I asked my supporters to pray for three goals - that students would experience the Good News and love of Jesus, that we would grow in dependence on the Holy Spirit and prayer, and that the students would be given conviction and boldness to actually invite their friends to know Jesus. I believe that God has done that, and I pray that He would continue the work begun. Also, a student in our track who had grown up in a Christian home, had even led a small group from IV, but had never really had the knowledge of Christ move from his head to his heart. It was amazing to see the change that came over him as he actually believed what he had always known, and it was simply the work of God breaking through in a quiet moment. Amazing grace, always pursuing and at work.

Attached is a pictures of the dining hall here at camp; what a beautiful setting!

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